Clomid Canada (Clomiphene, Generic)

What is the drug prescribed for?

Clomid at Your Canadian Pharmacy is recommended for females to get rid of infertility. Its mechanism of work is as follows: the med stimulates the hormones responsible for ovulation. To be exact, the amount of these hormones grow, which leads to positive results of the therapy prescribed by the doctor.

As you can guess, you must not begin taking this drug without a healthcare provider’s prescription. This is a serious med and its dosage has to be determined very accurately so as not to harm a lady’s health but make it better.

Clomid is a 50 mg pill that is normally taken at the beginning of the lady’s menstrual cycle.

Basic info about the proper taking of Clomid generic

The drug has to be used only the way the doctor tells you to. You should not play with the dosage that was advised to be taken by a doctor.

The dose depends on the severity of the condition and how well the woman’s body responds to the treatment. So, if the prescribed dose turns out to be ineffective, the doctor is likely to make a decision to increase it.

Usually, Clomid is taken within five days of the cycle but you need to ask your doctor what the therapy will be like in your case. As for the number of pills, normally, the doctors prescribe from one to four each day. Note that the timing of pill intake has to be approximately the same.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that long-term use of Clomid can be dangerous for females. So, the maximum period of taking the med is 6 cycles.

Side effects of Clomid in ladies

Here is what females can face when taking this drug:

  • Abdominal bloating;
  • Dizziness;
  • Sensitivity of breast;
  • Headaches.

Accordingly, if you experience any of these symptoms or in case they seem to get worse, you must call a doctor and ask for proper help.

A lot of patients do not experience any side effects at all, and there is a chance that you won’t feel them either.

Here are some of the more serious side effects when the doctor’s help has to be urgent:

  • Serious issues with your vision;
  • Eye pain;
  • Untypical vaginal bleeding;
  • Alterations in your mood and mentality.

In some cases, Clomid tends to cause OHSS which is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Such a problem may occur even if the treatment is done with a different drug whose main purpose is to stimulate the female’s reproductive system. These are the symptoms of OHSS:

  • Weight gain;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Fast heartbeat;
  • Chest pain, etc.

Do not neglect to ask your doctor what has to be done in this case.

What has to be kept in mind before you start Clomid therapy?

Well, you should tell your doctor about all kinds of allergies you are prone to. What is more important, you should not forget to mention that you are allergic to clomiphene if you are aware of such a fact.

By the way, there are some inactive ingredients in this drug, so it is important to check whether you are allergic to them or not.

Besides, it is really important to familiarize a doctor with your medical history. This especially has to deal with the females’ conditions such as:

  • Enlarged ovaries;
  • Vaginal bleedings (uncommon ones);
  • Ovarian cysts, etc.

What is more, it is going to be vital to mention if you have problems such as liver disease, thyroid issues, and high levels of fats in your blood. All of this has to be considered by the doctor and they will decide whether you should take Clomid or not based on how much benefit it will be able to bring to your body.

Be really careful when taking the drug

Get acquainted with the list of important notes before you begin taking Clomid:

  • Using the drug can lead to multiple births;
  • If you drink alcohol while taking Clomid, you are likely to get dizzier than usual;
  • It is advisable to limit driving and doing stuff that is linked to too much concentration due to the effect mentioned above.

What is more, once you are aware that you are pregnant, you should stop using the drug immediately. If you are not sure that you are pregnant but think this might have happened, tell your doctor about it.

Questions about using Clomid and answers to them

  • What should I do in case I forgot to take a dose of the drug?

Do not proceed with any actions on your own. Call your doctor and ask them for a piece of advice.

  • How should Clomid be stored?

It is vital to keep it away from children first of all. Room temperature and a spot that is far from moisture and light are going to be great if you wonder what storage conditions are the finest.

  • What if I took a bigger dose than was prescribed by my doctor?

Call them and ask what has to be done in this case. Watch if you experience some side effects and if they appear, ask for help immediately. Do not ignore the side effects because they can result in great trouble.


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