Helpful Resources

It is really cool when you can take advantage of useful info related to your health. You may read helpful articles when you have free time, travel somewhere, and so on. Check out the links we prepared for you and you will surely find a lot of nice stuff to learn!

  1. – General health info + statistics
  2. – A site of the Canadian Association of Transplantation
  3. – Plenty of info about diabetes
  4.  – Expert guidance of the clinicians
  5. – Useful data about heart stroke and healthy living
  6. – A resource telling about kidney issues
  7. – News, donations, and other stuff related to Parkinson
  8. – A site of Canadian Hearing Society
  9. – Useful info for patients with hypertension
  10. – A resource of Canadian Mental Health Association
  11. – Plenty of articles linked to children’s health
  12. – A site of Canadian Rheumatology Association
  13. – A site of the Canadian Pediatric Society
  14. – All about COVID-19 in Canada