Nexium Canada (Esomeprazole, Generic)

General info about the medication

The drug is used to deal with some stomach and esophagus problems like acid reflux and ulcers. The key purpose of using it is to decrease the amount of acid a stomach produces. When you take it, symptoms such as heartburn, trouble swallowing, and cough fade away.

Nexium at Your Canadian Pharmacy is put into a class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). In many cases, it takes from one to four days to help you get rid of the painful symptoms using Nexium.

The Nexium capsules are purple ones. The dosage it is sold in is 20 mg. However, you can also come across 40 mg capsules.

How to take Nexium generic correctly?

You need to familiarize yourself with the Patient Information before you begin the therapy. This also has to be done each time you receive a refill. In case something is still unclear to you as a result of learning the instructions, it’s better to ask your doctor about this.

At the same time, it is not advisable to start treatment on your own. It is your doctor who has to prescribe such medicine. They should carefully analyze what medical problem you experience and assign the treatment based on this.

If we speak about the general use of Nexium, here are the rules to stick to:

  • Take a drug once a day;
  • Do this an hour before you start to eat;
  • Do not get a bigger dosage than the one suggested by your doctor;
  • Swallow the capsules and do not chew or crush them.

The drug has to be used on a regular basis if you want to reach the best effect from taking it. In order not to miss the time when you should have Nexium, you may set an alarm.

If you feel better, it does not mean that you can complete the treatment. The therapy has to continue for as long as your doctor told you. If you have some questions that have to be discussed with your healthcare provider regarding taking Nexium, do this as soon as possible.

You should always inform your doctor if you experience any side effects symptoms as a result of taking Nexium. We will discuss them below.

Are there any side effects linked to the therapy with Nexium?

Like the majority of drugs, Nexium is likely to cause side effects in patients. Common ones include headaches and pains in the abdomen. However, there are also some serious side effects that have to become a reason for asking for medical help:

  • Seizures and regular muscle spasms;
  • Rash;
  • Joint pains;
  • Trouble with the heartbeat, meaning that it may become too fast or too slow.

Do not postpone calling your doctor or emergency for help if you observe any of these symptoms and feel bad as a result.

As for the allergic reaction, it does not occur too often. On the contrary, patients state that it takes place quite rarely, which is proven by clinical research too.

Some of the precautions to be aware of

It is necessary to inform your doctor if you are allergic to esomeprazole (certainly, if you know about it yourself). What is more, do not forget to mention some other allergies you have.

Besides, there are some other inactive ingredients in the drug that can also lead to allergy. That is why you’d better ask your healthcare provider about it.

If your child will undergo therapy with Nexium, you need to know that kids are normally more sensitive to the drug compared to adults.

If you are a pregnant woman, the med has to be used very carefully. Anyway, it is your doctor who has to make a final decision on whether the drug has to be used in this case.

Questions and answers about Nexium generic from Canada

  • Is it a good idea to double the dose if the one was missed?

No, you shouldn’t do so. Just take the dose when you remember about it but if the time is rather close to taking the following dosage, skip what you have already missed.

  • How should Nexium be stored?

The finest conditions for this are as follows: room temperature and a spot that is rather far from moisture. Put it in places that cannot be reached by children.

  • What health problems do I have to inform my doctor about if I plan to take Nexium?

It is especially important to state liver and kidney issues. The more severe they are, the more your doctor has to learn about them.

  • What shall I do in case I see some of the side effects not typical of taking Nexium?

Side effects that are not characteristic of this drug may be represented by weight loss for instance. If this happens, inform your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Do not postpone it because you are likely to face more serious consequences as a result.

  • Can Nexium affect my ability to concentrate?

Normally, such a thing does not happen. However, some rare cases of trouble focusing on stuff were registered. Therefore, just be careful and stay on the safe side delegating this kind of task to someone else.


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